Business Insurance – what about it?

Where to start with Business Insurance

So you run a business, but have either not protected your business assets (tangible or intangible) – or you may already have insurance in place but you’re not sure if you are either paying too much or have even have the right level of  insurance cover.
At Fiducia, our business insurance team take the time to understand your business and insurance needs. This is crucial so that we can advise and place the right level of cover for your business.
All of our clients come to us as we know what we’re talking about. If insurance is not your forte, our experienced and knowledgeable insurance brokers in our commercial team will do all the legwork, speak your language and help you make the right choice - we also work very closely with our insurance providers that have access to over 200 products.
Business Insurance Brokers

Why have Insurance?

Business insurance is crucial in protecting the fundamental elements that either directly or indirectly support your business. Have you thought about how expensive it could be to replace lost, stolen or damaged assets? Would it put a massive strain on your cash flow?
By having insurance, you can essentially reduce the risk of disruption to your business and in some cases it could be cheaper to insure the item than to purchase it again.

Types of Business Insurance

There are many different insurance products out there, listed below are a few:
· Tradesman insurance
· Professional Indemnity insurance
· Public Liability insurance
· Shop insurance
· Employers’ Liability insurance
· Building insurance
· Landlord insurance

Business Insurance Tips

· Always have contingency plans in place, especially for businesses that need to protect their mission-critical resources.
· Have an audit of all resources and their values
· Regularly review your insurance policies to check everything is adequately protected and more.
· Have an expert review your business in order to ensure that there already is adequate cover in place or so that new policy can be considered.

Who we can work with

Accountants, solicitors, offices, garden centres, retailers, builders, pubs, night clubs, restaurants and many more. We cover many businesses so contact us, even if your business has not been listed.
Speak to our business Insurance brokers if you would like to insure your business or if you would like to review and renew your policy. Give us a call on 01529 410 747 or request a callback today.
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Personal Protection (and some tips!)

What about Protection?
Protection has become more important than ever and in some cases, people are regretting not taking this out. Whether you choose to protect your family, your business or your mortgage, you can have a true sense of security knowing that if and when any unforeseen circumstances occur, you will be protected from the offset. People often think that protection is quite expensive, but in many cases it can be very affordable.

What types of Personal Protection are there?
· Critical Illness Cover
· Life Insurance
· Income/ Financial Protection
· and more!
At Fiducia, we have access to a number of product providers so that we can obtain a product to suit each situation. Our advisers take pride in the work that we do – we will work and discuss these with you to help you find the right protection solution for you and your family.
Protection Tips:
1. Set a budget for this, be realistic and take into consideration the true values.
2. Make sure your protection covers everything that you can expect to happen and in some cases, more.
3. Regularly monitor your Protection package and policy to ensure everything is protected.
Protection Testimonials at Fiducia Group
· We would like to thank you for your assistance in sorting our protection arrangements. We had several policies in different places and you were very helpful in discussing our requirements and arranging the policies. We would definitely recommend Fiducia to all our friends and family.
clip_image003 Sue Dearing
· A big thank you to Ben Scott at the Mansfield office for his professionalism. I normally dread anything to do with insurance as I associate it with tedious form filling and endless questions which take up precious time. Ben made the whole process easy for me and saved me money. Result!
clip_image003[1] David Clarke
Find out more:
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