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Autumn Statement 2014

George Osborne, the government’s Chancellor of the Exchequer has given his annual Autumn Statement to parliament which sets out financial plans based on the most up-to-date forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). It highlights the UK’s taxation and public spending plans for the coming year. This is the last before the general election.


Borrowing Forecasts:
·         2014-15 - £91.3bn
·         2015-16 - £75.9bn
·         2016-17 - £40.9bn
·         2017-18 - £14.5bn
·         2018-19 – Surplus of £4bn

Economic Forecasts
·         Unemployment decreased to 5.4% in 2015
·         Inflation to be 1.5% in 2014 and may fall to 1.2% in 2015.
·         Debt forecast to peak 81.1% of GDP in 2015

Transport Updates
·         Air Passenger Duty (APD) to be abolished for under 12 year olds
·         For 16 year olds from 2016
·         Fuel duty to remain frozen

New Stamp Duty Changes (as of midnight, 4th December)

For the first £125,000 no tax will be paid.

Tax & Savings
·         25% tax on profits made by multinationals in the UK which is diverted offshore.
·         Tax abolished on annuity pension payments made to spouses after their partner has died.
·         ISAs to be transferred to partners tax-free.

·         Small Business Rate Relief doubled for another year.
·         Funding for Lending (FLS) has been extended for another year.
·         Research & Development (R&D) tax credits for businesses increased.
·         New tax allowance for North Sea oil exploration.

·         Extra £2bn for frontline NHS services
·         £1.2bn investment for GPs
·         Employment Allowance extended to carers.

Growth Forecasts
·         2014 – 3.0%
·         2015 – 2.4%
·         2016 – 2.2%
·         2017 – 2.4%
·         2018 – 2.3%
·         2019 – 2.3%
Live Updates from 3 December 2014 (GMT)

13:27 - 50min speech now over, questions await.

13:24 - Stamp duty will be completely reformed- Stamp duty will be completely reformed.

13:21 - The tax-free Personal Allowance rise instead to £10,600.

13:19 - Currently, when someone dies, ISA will lose its tax-free status - now this can be passed on tax-free.

13:18 -  UK on track to meet welfare cap commitment. 

13:17 - Hospices to be refunded VAT.

13:16 -  Death Tax abolished, pass on pensions to loved ones tax-free.

13:14 - Post-graduate students will now be able to apply for student loans. They will be able to borrow up to £10,000 to fund their post-graduate studies - nothing for Undergraduates.

13:12 - Build a Northern Powerhouse (transport systems)

13:11 - UK ranked 2nd for global innovation.

13:10 - UK apparently raising financial ambitions.

13:08 - Fall in global oil price has helped the UK.

13:07 -  Reducing Air Passenger Duty (APD)  for children under 12 on budget flights, and then under 16s in the next few years.

13:06 - Fuel duty cut and will remain so.

13:05 - Funding for Lending Scheme extended by a further year

13:05 - the amount of profit in established banks that can be offset by losses carried forward will be limited to 50%, and relief on bad debts delayed.

13:04 - "We are in this together"

13:04 - 25% "Google" tax on profits for multinationals that shift profits offshore, named: diverted profit tax.

13:03 - Extra £2bn to NHS and £1.2bn investment to GPs.

13:02 - Banks to contribute more in tax

13:02 - UK's budget deficit halved since 2010

13:00 - "Total welfare spending to be £1bn a year lower than forecast at the Budget. Universal Credit work allowances will be frozen for a further year... unemployment benefits will stop for migrants with no prospect of work"

12:58 -  Tax avoiding schemes to raise £5bn

12:57 - "Cannot have a strong NHS without a strong economy"

12:55 - Share of GDP/ national income at deficit of 5% - higher than France and Italy

12:50 - Government borrowing forecast is £91.3bn this year and £75.9 billion in 2015.

12:48 - UK 4bn surplus in 2018-19

12:46 - OBR expects above inflation rises in wages over the next 5 years

12:45 - Unemployment forecast to fall to 5.4% next year

12:43 - Employment over 500,000 new jobs have been created

12:42 - UK growth forecast raised to 3.0% for 2014

12:42 - UK economy expects 3% growth

12:41 - UK growth isn't very high due to apparent slow growth of other global markets

11:29 - Chancellor leaves the Treasury to deliver the Autumn Statement

10:46 - PMI Service Employment Index from January 1997 - January 2013

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Mortgages with Fiducia

At Fiducia, we serve a significant amount of the mortgage market and will always give you a fee-free consultation to discuss your financial situation and future plans.

Whether you are looking for a residential mortgage or commercial mortgage – we’ll be more than happy to guide you through this complex area and help you secure the mortgage that you need.

You could also qualify for government support such as the Help to Buy scheme. Ultimately, there are many different mortgage options out there for you and by speaking to us you can be rest assured that we will advise and select the most appropriate mortgage for you - tailored to your personal needs.
Before taking out a mortgage, there are many financial obligations you should consider, for example: stamp duty, long-term financial commitments, estate agent fees, solicitor fees, insurance costs, general utility bills and more.

Even if you already have a mortgage, we can scan the market and find the most suitable re-mortgage rates for you.

We understand that securing and maintaining a mortgage is one of the many important responsibilities you will have in your lifetime, therefore we’ll guide and secure the mortgage that suits your needs.

We work with numerous lenders including the high street banks as well as many other niche lenders – which often gives you access to exclusive deals not necessarily advertised on the high street.
If you have had trouble securing a mortgage from the banks, speak to us to find out whether there are other alternatives. 
To discuss things further, you can call, email or request a callback.
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 Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.                                                                                                                                                                                    A maximum fee of 2% with a minimum of £395 will be payable on application. Typically this will be £395.

Fiducia Mortgage Solutions is a trade name of Fiducia Comprehensive Financial Planning Limited which is an appointed representative of Openwork Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

NACFB Gala Dinner

The Fiducia Commercial team were in London last week for the NACFB Gala Dinner to celebrate the fantastic work the business finance brokers do each day.

The night was spectacular with numerous speeches and with entertainment from Alexander Armstrong!

We are also very excited to announce that as brokers, we work with the following award winning lenders:


· Specialist Lender of the Year: Funding Circle

· Broker Product Development of the Year: Dragonfly Property Finance

· Factor and Invoice Discounter of the Year: Aldermore Bank

· Commercial Mortgage Lender of the Year: Lloyds Bank

· Business Bank of the Year: Lloyds Bank


“The FCS team had a lovely evening at the NACFB gala dinner, with Lancashire Corporation inviting 2 of our brokers on to their table.

This year saw our CEO, Marcus Grimshaw, complete his two year chairmanship and announce his exciting new position on the new NMS board. It was great to not only celebrate this achievement but also our personal achievements and that of the associations.

We also recognised those lenders that have aided us in our achievements including; Shawbrook, Aldermore, Lloyds Bank, Funding Circle and Dragonfly.

It was a successful night with the largest attendance of any gala dinner and also a whopping £24,000 raised for the chosen charity Starlight.” - Nina Teeder, Business Finance Manager

Below are some images from the event:

image1 image4

Fiducia’s Week

A very busy and fantastic week indeed it has been for Fiducia Group!

This week saw Marcus Grimshaw (CEO) and Anthony Scott (Managing Director) in Vienna, Austria for the Openwork Business Conference. Fiducia Group is the 3rd fastest growing business over the last 3 years in Openwork and as a large practice we are number one!

Our CEO flew back to London just in time for the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) Annual Gala Dinner in London where our commercial team were also enjoying dinner and speeches.

The night fundraised £24,000 for charity and this builds year on year – a fantastic achievement especially as our CEO is also the Chairman of the NACFB.

This goes to show how well Fiducia is engaged in industry activities around the world and is much credit to the commitment of the team at Fiducia Group.

Success Story of the Week

This week we helped a client receive a pay out of £250,000 on his Critical Illness Cover – it was a huge result for the client who had made no claim on his plan assuming he would not be eligible until we uncovered it! So a very happy client, simply due to the attention to detail our advisers possess. It goes to show that having cover organised by the experts at Fiducia can go a long way!

Financial Planning Week 2014

Next week is Financial Planning Week and Fiducia will be taking part to help raise awareness of the benefits of Financial Planning. It will run between 23rd – 29th November 2014.
To keep up to date, view our posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Have a fantastic weekend and we hope everyone is getting excited for the run-up to Christmas!

Fiducia talks Cash Flow Loans

In this series of #LoveLending, Fiducia will explain the different kinds of cash flow lending solutions that we specialise in and how it can be used to help your business. 
Cashflow finance can be used in many ways, including; working capital, recruitment, expansion, specific project funding and so much more.

Dependent on your business needs, how the funds will be used and how long you require the finance for will affect what type of lending suits you. We have highlighted two of the solutions we regularly source.

Unsecured business loans, this is ideal for businesses that are looking for short-term finance. We can generally look to secure up to £200,000 against the strength of the business and with no security there is no need for valuations and solicitors. This type of finance is usually arranged within 2 weeks making it ideal for quick acquisitions or working capital needs.
Invoice finance, is ideal for businesses that require cash flow assistance when customers are given time to pay their invoice. Funders will release up to 80% of the invoice value on day one allowing your business to continue to grow rather than waiting up to 90 days for payments from the customers. This type of finance is ideal for rapidly growing businesses and will help them keep up with demand.

Fiducia Success Story:
Mr V is a retail wholesaler selling clothes to retailers including New look, Debenhams,, ASOS, Tesco are many more. He required £30,000 to increase his stock supplies to support the demand. Fiducia were able to arrange this loan for the client at a rate of 11.65% over 2 years. We recently contacted Mr V and he is getting on really well and the additional finance has helped him increase his stock which in turn will increase his profits.
If you are looking to expand your business our consultants at Fiducia Commercial Solutions can advise and organise cash flow funding for you, so give us an email or request a callback today for advice.